Genius Hour Project #2 Overview

For my last genius hour project, I chose to present to the class the topic of crime movies and other sub-topics such as stereotypes in crime movies, examples of good crime movies, etc, that surround crime movies.  I chose this topic because I am a huge fan of this genre of films. (the good and the bad)

I learned about the most prominent actors in modern-day crime films such as Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, and many others. I also learned about sub-genres of crime films such as hostage movies, bank robberies, and gangster movies. These information points have cultivated my initial knowledge of crime films, and will lead as a gateway to more knowledge about other genres of films from my other genius hour research. My project also taught my community (my 9th grade class) about the genre of film, and this helped through education.

The subject of my next genius hour presentation I will do is to be decided, but I am planning to do something that helps community directly, instead of just teaching.


Link to my presentation:

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Steve Buscemi

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Education Through Social Media

My class is in the process of finishing up our “Twitter Assignment”, in which we reached out to people who were professionals in the same field as we are doing our Genius Hour projects on. My genius hour project is based around the topic of film, so I followed mainly film professors and hobbyists, and 1 director. Here is the list of the people I’ve followed:

The second part of this assignment was to actually reach out to the people we had chosen in the previous part. Basically what I did was I would ask one of the users for example: “Hey, as I am doing a project on film at school, I was wondering if you could get back with some tips. Thanks”, and wait for them to respond. This information, especially from professionals, would have much more credit for our projects than online sources.

Only one of the users I contacted actually followed me back (@TarantinoFC), who was a hobbyist, and he didn’t even bother giving me any tips for my project.                    

Given the fact that nobody even responded, I was not able to withdraw any information nor maintain any sort of conversation.

In my opinion, even though it didn’t really work out too well for me, this is one of the most effective and new-age processes to gain information either for school or for yourself. In school, one can use this even instead of finding online sources, because these sources are much more reliant and accurate.


Responsibilities when Part of a Community

When part of a community, and partaking in communal events, each member of the community has responsibilities so that the community functions to the best of its abilities.

Each member must respect the constitution of the community to keep crime and unlawfulness to  minimum, because these make a community corrupt.

The government officials in the community  must not involve themselves in corruption and lies, so that the residents and citizens can trust each other, and to minimize confusion.

The youth of the community must immerse themselves in an education, because they are the future of their community.

Stress During School

Most people who will read this are dealing with stressful due dates and loads of homework, and sometimes it becomes too much! In my personal opinion, I believe that students should have a week off from school just to catch up on all their assignments and studying. But the thing is: we can’t :(.  So, basically, what you have to do is deal with it, speak to your teachers, complete your assignments, study a lot, and do not cram. Life will go your way.

Good luck!!

You finish the story!!

Woah, it is really high up here! I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. No, No, I’m too scared. I’m a coward. What will my mother think? This is not how she raised me. I’m overthinking things. I’M. GOING. TO. FALL. Ok. Here goes nothing, I drop in, I’m going sooooo fast. I get speed wobbles. Oh no! I’m gonna fall! What’s going to happen?


To write good comment basically means to write a comment that either constructively criticizes the writer (in a very nice way), or to compliment the writer, but not emptily (bad example: “I like your post!”), but a better way would be to tell the writer why you like the post, (E. “I like your post because I can relate, and I find your sense of humor very funny!”). This is because, if you leave an empty comment, the writer will feel confused, and feel as if the commenter is just commenting just to comment, and that the comment is fake.

Genius Hour Overview

For my most recent genius hour project, I chose to do more extensive research on the origin and roots of rap music.  I chose this topic due to the fact that his is something that I am very interested in, and I have been listening to this genre of music my whole life. I learned many new things, mainly based on the origins of rap; one example would be that rap started  way earlier than I thought, in the 1970s. The research that I did helped me learn much more about a topic that I am extremely interested in. Another main goal of my doing this presentation was to inform the people around me about this subject as well, and introduce new knowledge to them. My next genius hour project will inform the people around me about another subject that I am passionate about.

link to presentation: chrome-extension://bpmcpldpdmajfigpchkicefoigmkfalc/views/app.html

Tech 8 course summary–John S.

How can technology be used to solve problems?


Throughout technology class this trimester, we have learned many skills that help us do better research, communicate better, taught us how the software we use everyday actually works, and, how to solve technological problems.

At the commencement of the class, we were taught about blogging, which I am doing at this moment. We learned how to write a blog, and also, how to comment on someones blog, both criticising creatively, and praising.

After the blogging ‘unit’ we learned about digital citizenship, which was where we mainly learned how to deal with social issues online, and we learned about fair use of certain copyrighted data online. We learned that if there is a situation with cyberbullying, first, report it, then walk away from the device that you or your friend (etc.)  are using, and try to forget about the situation until it is solved with punishment of the person who is targeting you. We learned how to correctly cite a source if it is copyrighted, and not to use a source if you do not cite it (correctly).We then learned not to leave a large negative digital footprint due to the fact that it has the capability to jeopardise your future.

Problems on the internet can also be solved by using the unit that we learned about called ‘research and citation’. This can prevent you from obtaining viruses on your computer by knowing how to do good research.

The Time I Sleepwalked

So one day, I went to sleep. It was fun while it lasted. In the middle of the night and started to walk around the house. I ate some chicken out of the fridge without even knowing. I went to the bathroom and fell asleep in the bathtub. I later woke up to the sound of my alarm very confused. I went into my romm and then fell asleep in my bed, for real this time.

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