Genius Hour Project #2 Overview

For my last genius hour project, I chose to present to the class the topic of crime movies and other sub-topics such as stereotypes in crime movies, examples of good crime movies, etc, that surround crime movies.  I chose this topic because I am a huge fan of this genre of films. (the good and the bad)

I learned about the most prominent actors in modern-day crime films such as Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, and many others. I also learned about sub-genres of crime films such as hostage movies, bank robberies, and gangster movies. These information points have cultivated my initial knowledge of crime films, and will lead as a gateway to more knowledge about other genres of films from my other genius hour research. My project also taught my community (my 9th grade class) about the genre of film, and this helped through education.

The subject of my next genius hour presentation I will do is to be decided, but I am planning to do something that helps community directly, instead of just teaching.


Link to my presentation:

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Steve Buscemi

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